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The old town in Eksjö. Photo: Karin Nordin.

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About Eksjö

Bild: Evenemang i Gamla stan. Fotograf: Duo Foto

Eksjö is best known for it´s wooden buildings in the Old Town and as a military town. Eksjö received it´s town charter as early as 1403.

The Old Town of Eksjö is a unique area which follows the rules of medieval town planning. Many of the houses were built in the 1600´s, in fact virtually the whole of the Old Town comprises of listed buildings. The inhabitants of Eksjö are very concerned about architectural preservation. Eksjö and the Old Town have been awarded one of the internationally acclaimed Europa Nostra Diplomas for 1997.

Many young men have come in contact with Eksjö through national service. Eksjö´s military traditions date back to the end of the 1400´s when Ränneslätt began to be used as a military training area and meeting place.The older military traditions are kept alive with the help of, amongst others, Smålands Hussars Association and Smålands Carolines.

Modern military operations in Eksjö consist of five different units which together make up Eksjö Garrison.

Culture municipality Eksjö

Eksjö is a cultural municipality. Amongst other things the town has a very active tradition of wind instruments. Eksjö Homeguard Band and the school of music´s orchestra play a central role.The Homeguard´s "military music parade" every Saturday during summer has been a great sucess.

In the summer of 2017 the Hult amateur theatre group performed, for the sixtieth consecutive year, the Engström plays based on stories by a native of the village, Albert Engström. The plays have become a real cultural institution. 

Eksjö is also a town of museums. In Eksjö museum there is an exhibition of the history of the town which shows the towns exciting expansion throughout the centuries. There is also the largest collection of Albert Engström´s work in the country.

Bild: Rött hus i Börsebo. Fotograf: P-O Gunnarsson

Forest and open countryside

Eksjö district is largely made up of highland forest broken up by open countryside and areas of cultural traditions. Dry stone walls are a reminder of how the smallholders toiled to make the land fit for use. This is Albert Engström´s and Astrid Lindgren´s Småland. The cleft in the rock called Skurugata is a natural phenomonem well worth a visit.

All the built-up areas; Eksjö, Hult, Bruzaholm, Hjältevad, Ingatorp and Mariannelund, in the district stretch like a pearl necklace along Road 40.

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