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The old town in Eksjö. Photo: Karin Nordin.

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Twin Towns

Picture: Street sign indicating the twin towns. Photographer: Ulrika Adolfsson

International collaborations

An increasing number of questions can’t no longer be resolved at a national level, but at an European level. Therefore, it is essential that local governments acquire competence and readiness to be able to benefit from the EU membership and confront new problems. It is also important that children and youths get used to spending time with people from other countries, cultures and religions.

1996, the City Council in Eksjö, adopted a policy for international collaborations. This was revised in 2006 and is now the basis for various projects and activities with international links. According to this policy the municipality shall ”as a natural part of it’s ingoing work seek increased international contacts.”

Eksjös twin towns

Eksjö municipality has as a result of international collaboration four twin towns; Neusäss, Barlinek, Aero and Schneverdingen. Twinning agreements was signed with Neusäss in Germany in 1995, with Barlinek in Poland in 1996, with Aero in Denmark in 2001 and with Schneverdingen in Germany in 2001.

The twinning agreements has led to that an active exchange has since been taken place, and a lively dialogue between the citizen at areas of education, culture and sports has been established. Representatives from the different towns have visited each other and exchanged information, knowledge and experience.


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