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The old town in Eksjö. Photo: Karin Nordin.

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Child care & Education

Bild: Barnhand som håller i penna över matematikbok. Fotograf: Ulrika Adolfsson

Comprehensive education

Total number of pupils: 1 941 approx

Eksjö, Mariannelund: Primary, Middle and High

Ingatorp, Hult, Höreda: Primary and Middle


Eksjö upper secondary school

Total number of pupils: 560 approx

  • 11 programmes
  • National college - orienteering, animation

Special school

  • Upper secondary special school - 5 programmes
    Total number of pupils: 26 approx
  • Comprehensive special school / training school
    Total number of pupils: 26 approx


Adult education

Total number of pupils: 300-350 approx

  • Special adult education (Särvux)
    Total number of pupils: 21 approx


District music school – instrumental and vocal lessons

Total number of pupils: 420 approx


Folk high school

Mariannelunds folk high school (foundation)
Total number of pupils: 85 approx


Higher education

The Eksjö local centre for higher education and training provides university courses and advanced vocational educations, for example courses in 3D animation, compositing, health care sciences and electric power network distribution planning which is given in cooperation with the School of Engineering, Jönköping University. You may find more information at 


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