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The old town in Eksjö. Photo: Karin Nordin.


Bild: Hultskolan inramad av träd. Fotograf: P-O Gunnarsson

A good education is good start in life. The council of Eksjö has made the following declaration on this issue: "Eksjö as a location of education shall provide the basis of life-long learning by means of a continuous linking of educational steps from pre-school to university.

Compulsory School

Compulsory school can be attended in the town of Eksjö and in Hult, Höreda, Mariannelund and Ingatorp. Through the collocation of family day-care, pre-school, pre-school-class and leisure-time centres with compulsory schools cross age cooperation is stimulated. On other aim is to make parent, children and young people experience a continuity of contact with pre-school and school.

Upper Secondary School

At Eksjö upper secondary school a diversified choice of programs are provided. The school offers eight different regular programs and four more at the upper secondary for individuals with learning disabilities. Students can add athletic- engineering or musical-profiles to their choices of program. Eksjö upper secondary school is one of only two schools in the country offering orienteering.

The upper secondary school of motor mechanics is situated at Nifsarp just outside town. It provides specialized programs in auto mechanics, lorry and machine mechanics, coachwork, transportation and transportation combined with construction.

Adult Education

"Vux i12" offers an assortment of qualifying programs in various fields: elementary school and upper secondary school for adults and upper secondary school supplementary programs. Supplementary programs provide additional vocational competence or can lead to a new trade. The programs are flexibly designed to suit the needs of adults.

The student personally pursues his/her studies in accordance with her/his wishes or needs for further education or for vocational development. All education is free of charge, but students pay for the required books themselves.


The College Centre in Eksjö functions as a campus for students at various colleges and universities, above all Jönköping University. College educational programs and courses, vocational training and education-by-order offer you a great variety in many fields. You can choose to study full-time, half-time, day-time, night-time, by distance tuition or via the iIternet.

Higher education

Bild: Campus i12, logotyp

The Eksjö local centre for higher education and training provides university courses and advanced vocational educations, for example courses in Visual Effects, IT security, Visualistion of architecture and Visualisation of rooms, interior design and products. The courses is given in cooperation with the School of Engineering, Jönköping University. You may find more information at 

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