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The old town in Eksjö. Photo: Karin Nordin.



The library is made up of the main library, branch libraries in Mariannelund and Ingatorp, as well as a library bus which visits outlying villages in the district.


Eksjö Museum: Albert Engströms Exhibition, Eksjö through the Centuries and regular specialist exhibitions. There is also an art gallery and youth hostel.
Guided town walks. Read more about Eksjö Museum

Other museums are: Aschanska gården (the Aschan House), the Works Museum in Bruzaholm, Agricultural Museum in Ingatorp and Julles - the Mariannelund Foundry and Mechanical Workshop.

Bild: Två flickor paddlar kanot. Foto: Mikael Fritzon.

Recreational facilities

  • Olsbergs Arena, sport and cultural, Eksjö
  • Swimming pool and sports hall, Prästängshallen, Eksjö
  • Ice skating and exhibition arena, Storegårdshallen, Eksjö
  • Bowlinghall, Eksjö
  • Skate facility, Storegårdsområdet, Eksjö
  • Sports facility, Ränneborg, Eksjö
  • Horse riding arena, Persö, Eksjö
  • 18 hole golf course, Skedhult, Eksjö
  • 9 hole golf course (Pay and Play), Boaryd, Hult
  • Motocross track, Stopté, Eksjö
  • Tennis arena, Eksjö
  • Tennis courts, 4 in the built up areas of the district.
  • Sportshalls in Eksjö, Ingatorp, Hjältevad and Mariannelund
  • Football pitches, 15 in the built-up areas
  • Exercise and artificial snow-/lit tracks, Skidstugan, Eksjö
  • Lit tracks in Eksjö, Hult, Bruzaholm, Mariannelund and Ingatorp
  • Ski slope with lift, Valbacken, Ingatorp
  • Hiking trails, bike trails, canoe trails, fishing, open-air swimming
  • Camp-site, Klinten
  • Recreation centres in Eksjö (Spelverket) and Mariannelund (Furan)
  • Outdoor gym, Mariannelund
  • 280 associations
Last controlled: 2018-04-23.

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