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The old town in Eksjö. Photo: Karin Nordin.
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Nygatan i Eksjö

Nygatan i Eksjö

The municipality of Eksjö is a good place to live in for anyone who wants to be close to nature combined with highly developed service and a rich cultural environment. With its central position in the highland of Småland, and there is easy access to all points in Southern Sweden. Communications are excellent. The neighbouring town of Nässjö is a major railway junction and the city of Jönköping is easily reached both by car and public transport. The town affords abundant cultural and club activities, cosy shops, educational facilities and a progressive business environment. On top of that you will find a wide selection of homes in town, in the villages and in the countryside.


In Eksjö you will find an assortment of homes, both new constructions and old, pretty bungalows, flats for rent and co-operative flats. The town of Eksjö is perhaps most renowned for its protected old timbered houses. The Old Town is alive and vital. Here it is quite possible to find flats in a 17th century building.


Mariannelund is the easternmost village of the municipality, bordering on the municipality of Vimmerby. It is a business centre of trade and has a civic hall called "Emilkraften", and a highly developed municipal service.

Other Villages and the Countryside

Strung out along the A40, between the population-centres of Eksjö and Mariannelund, are four minor but vital villages: Hult, Bruzaholm, Hjältevad and Ingatorp. Around these the expanse of forest stretches far and wide.

Restrictions on water use in the town of Eksjö

On 1 December 2016 the Municipality of Eksjö decided to prohibit the use of municipal water for purposes other than drinking, hygiene and commercial processes. As of 18 April 2017 these restrictions on water use apply only to the town of Eksjö itself. They will remain in force until further notice.

Help us economise on our precious water!

application/pdf Tips and information on saving water in the Municipality of Eksjö, May 2017 (3 MB)


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