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Moving to Sweden - Some Advice

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If you move to Sweden with the intention of staying for more than a year, you must normally be registered in the Swedish national registry.

Residence Permit

Unless you are a Swedish or Scandinavian national you will need a residence permit. Non EU nationals apply for residence permits at Swedish embassies or consulates.

Right to Residence for EU nationals

From April 30th 2006 new rules apply concerning the national registration of EU nationals and their family members. Instead of residence permit the concept of right to residence is introduced in order to facilitate EU nationals’ use of freedom of movement. Anyone having the right to residence may live here without a residence permit or work permit.

A EU national has right to residence if


  • He or she is an employee or employer in Sweden
  • Has come to Sweden to look for work, having a real possibility to get employment
  • Is enrolled as a student at a recognized college in Sweden
  • Has sufficient means for the support of himself or herself and family members
  • Has a complete health insurance for herself or himself and family members which is valid in Sweden.


Even family members of EU national with the right to residence share this right.

The immigrant EU national must have a passport or a national ID. The identity of family must be verifiable. If residence is to last more than one year national registration can normally be conducted without further documentation.

More information on residence permit and the right to residence can be found on website of the Swedish Migration Board:


Registration of immigration to Sweden is done by personal appearance at the local inland revenue office. If an interpreter is needed, please request one in advance. Bring passport and documents to confirm your civil status, birth certificate of children coming with you and residence permit, if required. You will be provided with a Swedish social security number required for all contact with authorities, health care, banks etc. More information can be found on the website of the inland revenue office: 

Last controlled: 2017-07-13.

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