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The old town in Eksjö. Photo: Karin Nordin.
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Social services

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Local residents are entitled to support and care in different life situations. Eksjö municipality provides support to children and youth and their families, assistance to persons with disabilities, the elderly and home health care. We also support residents who need financial assistance, help with social and mental health problems and employment. 

Our task is to make sure you get your basic needs for support, care and security taken care of. Social service work is governed by legislation and often requires a decision by the authorities to make a particular effort. 

For children and young people who need support and help and also for persons with disabilities, there are different kinds of help. 

The care for elderly people in Eksjö municipality has home services and home health care. Special nursing homes are available in Eksjö and Ingatorp, meeting points are located in Eksjö and Mariannelund. The municipality also offers support to family members. 

Health, Integration, labor (Hälsa, Integration, Arbete HIA) is a unit within the municipality which aims to integrate people from different backgrounds in Eksjö. HIA's basic idea is that people, who are excluded for various reasons, should be able to become a part of a community and feel involved in the community.

Please contact the Contact Center who will connect you to the correct administrator. 

Eksjö kommuns kontaktcenter (Contact Center)
Norra Storgatan 29 B, S-575 80 Eksjö, Sweden
Tel: + 46 (0)381-360 00 
Fax: + 46 (0)381-166 00

Open hours: Monday-Friday 8.00-16.30. 

Last controlled: 2018-05-23.

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